How to choose between a Grass Trimmer, Line Trimmer, Strimmer or Brushcutter?

All of these terms can be quite confusing. It is easier to think of them broadly in two categories:

Grass Trimmers also called Garden Strimmers, Line Trimmers and String Strimmers are all essentially different terms for the same thing. These hand-held machines use some sort of line to cut grass, weeds etc.

They are used for lighter duty tasks such as trimming a lawn in places where your lawnmower can’t reach. They tend to be smaller and more lightweight than hand held brushcutters. If you are looking for a machine for tidying up a border, flower bed or lawn then a grass trimmer is probably what you are looking for.

Grass Trimmers are available in a number of different versions. Economical options are electric or battery cordless grass trimmers. These are ideal for smaller gardens with general lighter weight maintenance trimming jobs. These type of strimmers tend not to be as powerful as petrol options and may be all you need but if you have a larger area to tackle and more heavy-duty maintenance then consider purchasing a petrol-powered trimmer or brushcutter.

We recommend this powerful cordless strimmer kit from EGO.

Brushcutters are different to Grass Trimmers in that they are heavier duty, intended for cutting through heavier thicker weeds. They also use nylon line and work in the same way as a grass trimmer but sometimes have a blade option. These are more useful for clearing overgrown areas of brambles, undergrowth, and young saplings.

Hand held brushcutters can be heavy and tiring to use so need to be used with a harness for ease of use and comfort. If you need to clear a larger area then consider a wheeled trimmer mower. This is essentially a brushcutter on wheels, taking the strain off the user so that a harness is not required.

Take a look at the DR Wheeled Trimmer range for well-priced, robust and reliable wheeled trimmers.

DR Wheeled Trimmer
DR Wheeled Trimmer

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