Spring Lawn Care

March is also the time to pay attention to that most hardworking of garden features – the lawn.

Poor lawn needing aeration & scarifyingWorn areas can be re-seeded and crumbled edges can be repaired – properly made lawn edges make all the difference to the look of the garden. Scarifying and aerating the lawn will pay dividends, discouraging moss and improving drainage – it can look quite patchy afterwards but will soon recover.  If you’ve got a small lawn, of course, you can do all this by hand, but hey, it’s the 21st century and there are great labour-saving devices that can make this a lot easier.  Needless to say, we’ve got a comprehensive range of scarifiers and aerators in stock.

Hand on green lush grass

If you’re planning a new lawn from scratch, think about how it will be used – are you after bowling-green perfection or a family lawn that can take the rough and tumble of kids, animals and summer barbeques?  Choosing a suitable seed mixture will also depend on the degree of shade or whether you have a dry or sunny spot.  Growing from seed will need a carefully prepared seed bed and a pre-seeding fertiliser.  Give the first mowing when the grass is 75mm (3″) high, and with new or re-seeded lawns keep everyone off areas until the new grass is growing vigorously.

If you need a lawn sooner, turf can be laid towards the end of March.  It requires the same ground preparation and is more expensive, but provides a near instant result that can be used in just a few weeks and can be laid anytime from autumn until late spring.  The RHS have useful advice on both options.

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