Ways with water

Beautiful garden pond
Photo: Beautiful garden pond. Source: www.thetimes.co.uk

As winter approaches you could be forgiven for letting up on garden chores, preparing to batten down the hatches and hunker down indoors for the next few months, perhaps to muse over your garden successes and disappointments earlier in the year, and to think about what you want from your garden next year.

Rockery waterfall.
Photo: Rockery waterfall. Source: Sheffield Paving

If one of the things you want is the addition of a pond or water feature, this is the ideal time to do any construction and digging, whilst there isn’t a lot of routine gardening to be done. A pond can then be left to mature for several months before introducing plants, which are in any case not usually available until late spring.

Ammonite fountain
Photo: Ammonite fountain. Source: birstsall.co.uk

Almost every garden can be enhanced by the addition of water in one form or another, whether it be a fountain, cascade, pond or a simple half-barrel planted with miniature water lilies. It brings an extra dimension to a garden, a focal point and an opportunity to introduce style, movement, reflections and the soothing sound of running water.

Water fountain
Photo: Water fountain. Source: silver helmet.org

Factors to take into consideration may be the requirement for a submersible pump to circulate the water, and you will probably need a safe electricity supply, although solar-powered units are becoming increasingly popular. The safety of small children is always a concern around water, but there are ways to mitigate risk; ponds can be covered in strong mesh, and a simple bubble fountain that doesn’t contain standing water is a safe option.

We’ve chosen some inspirational designs to help you decide which watery option suites you best.

Triple bowl water feature
Photo: Triple bowl water feature. Source: digits.co.uk

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